Turns Out Tracy Anderson’s Fitness Advice Is Total Bullshit

This betch might claim to be the magic behind Gwenyth’s waistline and J-Lo’s six-pack, but fitness professionals are finally calling Tracy Anderson out on her bullshit 700-calorie diet plan and lack of any real fitness knowledge.

In a recent interview with Well+Good, Anderson answered a few questions that angered a lot of people who like, actually know shit about fitness. When talking about lifting weights, she tells women to “stay away from 10-pound and 15-pound weights,” claiming that “the stronger you make your bicep, the worse your skin [under your arm] is going to sag.” What?

She also talks shit about kettlebells, which have been proven to tone muscles and burn calories. She says, “people flinging kettlebells — you don’t really know where the force is ending up. I see more people with injuries in my studios from kettlebells than anything.” I mean, even if you know nothing about fitness, you can use basic logic to determine that Anderson’s advice sounds stupid. “Don’t know where the force is ending up”? Sounds like something I’d say when trying to bullshit my way through a physics exam.

Former fitness editor of Men’s Health and New York Times bestselling author (so like, probs know what he’s talking about) Adam Bornstein, published an article called Dear Tracy Anderson: STOP—savage headline, A+.  He literally calls Tracy Anderson a “bully” and says “she does not know what she is talking about when it comes to fitness or nutrition.”

Bornstein sets the record straight, advising anyone who wants to get toned muscles to increase the weights they lift and use kettlebells correctly. Like, obviously people are getting injured if they don’t know what they’re doing.

Tracy has kept quiet about the arguments, but she’s probably just too busy telling women to lift 3-pound weights and eat four cashews as an afternoon snack to defend herself. It’s like, scientifically proven to make you fit AF. 


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