Toro: The Door Plays Hard To Get But The Corn Does Not

Toro Rating: 7.75

Food: 3.5

Service: 1.25

Atmosphere: 3.0

Whenever most people hear toro they usually think of sushi but no, Toro is actually a Spanish restaurant with a shady entrance and one of the best meals ever. It’s one of those small plates, share everything dinners, but the most memorable part of the meal was the wine. It comes in a carafe shaped like a bong that you don’t pour into glasses, but instead pour directly into your mouth from the bottle. It’s like playing slap-the-bag at a frat party except you’re not transferring disgusting mouth diseases via Franzia nozzle. Toro is not the easiest reservation to get but it’s a must go.

Toro started in Boston, making it one of the few legit things to come out of Boston as well as a favorite among BU Betches. The chef just won a James Beard award this year, which is like the Oscars of food, so it’s kind of a big deal.

The crowd

A fun crowd which was a mix of cool-seeming adults (as cool as adults can seem), and young people out of college. A little bit corporate but fun for a group dinner, not so much a date spot. Like it could be, but then you probably couldn’t do the thing where you pour the entire bottle of wine in your mouth.

The atmosphere

We loved the decor, high ceilings, and especially the giant pieces of ham hanging from them. The music was really good, it’s trendy and not Spanish and gives the space a feeling like you’re there for dinner before a really crazy night. It’s sort of like being abroad, but then it’s also not like being abroad, you know?

Is the bread worth the carbs? We didn’t have any, so gonna say no.

What celebrities would be here? Famous chefs, actual celebrities would probs be in some private area that the plebs cannot access.

Is it instagram friendly? It depends where you’re sitting and if it’s light outside or not. The food is photogenic if you can get your lighting situation in order. We won't give out our secrets. Evil laugh. 

Shoe situation: Heels are def chill, as are flats. Look good, the bartender with the accent is pretty hot. We could've also been drunk. 

Neighborhood: Meatpacking

Price: $$$

On weekend nights Toro gets extremely crowded in the bar area and you like, can’t even move. People stand on the bar and chug from the bong carafes and there’s a lot of hot guys and drunk people singing. It’s a good pickup scene when it’s breathable, so call your wingbetch.

The service

It was kind of hard to chase the waiters down for anything. Either way the service didn’t make a huge impression on the experience.

The Food


Shisito peppers – Standard amazing starter. Not too spicy. We wanted more. 

Tuna crudo – We were deciding whether to get this or the tuna tartare and ended up divided in our opinion on it. Some of us said it was amazing, some of us said it was just okay. Clearly a highly controversial dish. It was very ‘spring’ tasting and was both citrus-y and tasted like celery. So if that appeals to you…

White asparagus – Our only complaint about this is that there wasn’t more of it. There were only two pieces of asparagus that tasted exquisite. But the pistachio paste made the whole dish. It looks like it’s wrapped in ham but it’s actually tuna. Don’t be fooled.

Cauliflower – Very good, but oily. Our conclusion: cauliflower is trending.

Skirt steak – One of those amazing dishes that I can’t think about without getting a severe craving to go back like, asap just to get this perfect steak. GET IT. 

Bone marrow and beef cheek – Really solid dish, though extremely fatty and kind of manly. The heaviness of this dish sets you back like at least a glass of wine in terms of drunkness. I'd skip unless you're feeling gluttonous.

Cod fritters – These were kind of like a fancy take on fish and chips, and they were quality. Battered perfectly (aka lightly) and not too big. So basically the opposite of how authentic British fish and chips are. 

Corn on the cob – One word: #cornporn. So fucking good. Definitely get it decobbed before it’s served, which will make it less photogenic but you also won’t end up with oily corn all over your drunk face.

Patatas bravas – Very good but not nearly close to the best I’ve ever had. Definitely not authentic Spanish bravas, so be sure to let everyone at the table know how many times you’ve had better one than these at “the cutest little tapas places in Barcelona.” Skip, there are far more caloric things available to replace these. 

Gluten free options: TBD…


Frozen chocolate pudding – Unreal. That’s all.

Restaurant Information


85 10th Ave
New York, NY 10011

Phone: (212) 691-2360

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