The 10 Most Savage Tweets To Trump On His Birthday

Donald Trump’s birthday was Tuesday, and the internet went ham with the savage tweets. We’ve rounded up some of the rudest/best.

In true Daily Show fashion, the show roasted Trump with the fact he says creepy shit about his daughter. First of all, ew. Second of all, hilarious.

You can’t “Help” but laugh at this one. See what I did there?

I don’t know who this person is, but he needs more attention and love for this tweet.

Hey! That’s the same cake I give to all my exes.

Shit is too real.

Cross your fucking fingers, folks.

May I present the king of the Donald Trump roast…

Truth bomb.

Dr. House, you’re needed to treat this sick burn.

By the way, Trump totally didn’t even post a “Thanks for the birthday wishes” tweet. Rude.



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