Tom Holland Is The New Prepubescent Spidey

Sony and Marvel have officially chosen 19 year old Brit Tom Holland as their new Spiderman. This inspires a lot of questions including why are they making another Spiderman film four seconds after one just came out? The new film already has a release date, even though they haven’t actually made it, so mark your calendars for not seeing a movie you’ve seen nine times on July 28th, 2017.

In addition to not really wanting to see a recast movie I’ve seen twelve times, I’m wondering why anyone would follow Andrew Garfield, nerdy precious majestic Spidey, with a prepubescent double threat: actor / amateur male gymnast.




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To be more fair to the kid, he did show off his stunt chops on Instagram. But isn’t that what stunt doubles and special effects are for? Like I don’t think Sony Pictures and Marvel need to cut costs with actors who can do their own stunts if they’re willing to put out the same movie three times in ten years for 200 mil each time. Who knows.



Fun fun fun

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