TMZ Tried to Create a Fake Justin Bieber-Big Sean Feud

So Justin Bieber was performing with Ariana Grande again, because apparently Justin likes to crash mildly successful people's concerts while working on his “album.” Anyway, they were singing “As Long As You Love Me,” and Justin went in for the boyfriend hug, which is funny because he's not her boyfriend (classic mixup). He let his arms rest on her hips for about 3 seconds too long for the friend zone.

TMZ released a fake Big Sean Tweet that said “This kid is about to learn not to touch my girl like that. Belieb that.” People got way too into this fake feud and made the classic Big Sean – Ariana Grande jokes like IDFWU pt. 2 feat Justin Bieber's corpse and Sean should put Ariana in timeout and take away all her toys. This started a full on Twitter frenzy of people trying to be culturally relevant. But like Big Sean DGAF, mostly because he doesn't feel threatened by a 21 year old who started an international incident over a monkey. Same.


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