Kate Winslet Thinks Rose From Titanic Was The Fucking Worst

On your fifth viewing of #147 Titanic at some betch’s 12th birthday, you stopped crying long enough to scream “Move Fat Ass” when you realized Rose was totally hogging that door. Jack let himself get hypothermia and die like a character from Oregon Trail just to let his slam piece relax. If I could hook up with a football player in a Twin XL bed, Rose could’ve made room for Jack.

Anyway, Kate Winslet agrees that Rose was being dumb af. Jimmy Kimmel asked her about the door scene, and Kate said “I think he could have actually fit on that bit of the door.” AKA fuck you, Rose. Apparently, MythBusters proved that Rose and Jack would’ve both fit on the door, but she would’ve needed to tie her lifejacket to the door, “so it could continue floating with two bodies on board.”

All of this suggests that Rose pulled an Amy Schumer and wanted to get rid of her douchebag fiance and side hoe in one night. 


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