Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Slay Glamour’s January Issue

Not that we needed another reason to go see Sisters this Christmas, but comedy besties Tina Fey and Amy Poehlers’ spread in this month’s Glamour reminded us all how much we love this betchy duo. Tina and Amy are the Jay and Bey of comedy, minus the familial elevator drama. Plus, their autobiographies are literally the only books we’ll get through without Sparknotes.

Aside from the fact that both women looked unreal on the magazine cover, Tina and Amys’ interview explaining their two-decade friendship honestly made us laugh out loud. The spread starts out with the tagline “Tina, Amy: Is there Anyone Else, Ever?” and we couldn’t agree more. Tina and Amy each have the ideal balance of being confident AF but totally chill about their success. From SNL to the Golden Globes to Baby Mama, the duo talks about how well they work together and tell jokes throughout the interview too, showing that they truly DGAF. In fact, when asked how they’ve stayed BFF’s for so long, they explained their friendship as a “good marriage,” because they “don’t see each other very often.” Clearly these betches know their shit when it comes to relationships. You can even go to the Glamour website and see funny videos of Tina and Amy giving advice on holiday presents—trust us, its worth a watch.

So, this Christmas, in between getting blackout at your office holiday party and munching on endless sugar cookies, we suggest you make your way to a movie theater. As Amy brilliantly states, “Do you like Tina? Do you like me? Do you like when Tina and I do stuff together? Do you like us playing sisters? Go see Sisters.”


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