Tim Gunn Just Dissed Kanye West

Project Runway judge Tim Gunn is used to tearing people’s clothes apart, and he doesn’t have any kind words for Kanye West as a designer. He called Kanye’s new clothing line “a bunch of dumb clothes. Just basic pieces.” Tim is obviously not a fan of Kanye’s beige sweatshirt aesthetic, and tbh we can’t really blame him. The clothes aren’t that bad, but it’s basically a bunch of overpriced beige sweatshirts.

Tim also had some snarky comments about the Kardashian family’s fashion choices in general: “When it comes to fashion, I say to people all the time, ‘If you want guidance for your fashion, just consider this, if a Kardashian is wearing it – don’t.” Damn Tim, like we know that Kim’s pregnancy style leaves something to be desired (we desire that she wears less see-through clothing), but that’s a pretty broad insult to their fashion sense. Whatever, when the Kardashians blacklist Tim, he can always run to Heidi Klum for protection.



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