Listen To The Tigerlily x Betches Exclusive Playlist

Do you need something to pregame to? Are you sick of listening to “Closer” on repeat? JK, no, we know that’s not possible. BUT if you need something to drink to—so like, some casual everyday listening—we teamed up with Tigerlily to give you that playlist. Who is Tigerlily? Glad you asked. The Australian DJ recently moved to New York, where she hit up Ezoo, and is currently wrapping up her summer tour. This betch is sure to be making waves in the coming months—she can pull off blue hair better than Kylie; she just released a collab with KSHMR called “Invisible Children;” she’s been voted the #1 female DJ for the past 3 years; and she is casually running the NY Marathon in November for charity. How does she have the time? IDK. Do I now feel bad about my lack of life accomplishments? Yes. Regardless, check out the awesome playlist that she made just for us.


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