T.I. Is Opening His Own Strip Club, Get Your Resumes Ready

In case you were wondering what T.I. has been doing for the decade since “Whatever You Like” was a hit, we’ve got some fun news. He’s diversifying his business ventures by opening a strip club in Atlanta. The club is called V Live, and it’s set to open this weekend.

Ahead of the big opening, the club held a “job fair” for potential employees, which was basically an audition for strippers. Apparently girls came from all over the country for the opportunity to twerk for a washed-up rapper, because why not. The club was looking for women with “a well-rounded butt, toned body and tight abs.” Over 1,000 women showed up to the casting call, but in the end only 100 could be chosen. It really seems like there’s a reality show in there somewhere.

Best of luck to T.I. on his new business venture, because the world can always use more strip clubs, right?


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