Throwback Thursday: Legally Blonde

It's a well known fact that every betch loves Legally Blonde and always has. Unlike Brooke Windham's innocence, this was never up for debate. But with Reese Witherspoon's recent hilarious arrest we thought we'd throw back to a time when she was on the right side of the law and like, actually blonde.

Clearly Warner Huntington III's words hit the mark.

It's obvious that Legally Blonde taught us everything we know about the legal system, like that we'd rather have a client who's innocent than one who committed a crime malum in se or malum prohibitum, and that a scented resume is all it takes to get the Callahan internship.

Apparently, she DOES even go here.


…I think not.

Also apparently all it takes to win a high profile celebrity court case is superior gaydar and knowing how risky it is to deactivate ammonium thioglycolate.

Not to mention endorphin is still the only scientific word I know.

As you can see Elle was the original Apple adopter. Like what are all these other people using, typewriters beta? We thought Harvard students were smart.

But most importantly Elle Woods taught us that the most important thing is to be hot, not wear orange, and not give a shit if a nicegirl asks you not to bring your dog to class.

Bend and snap this, jealousy pasty betch.

Also, don't follow your boyfriend to law school, even Harvard. Tell him, Paulette.

FYI, Elle Woods was supposed to be like, 22 years old in the scene where she wins this giant trial while in law school.

Seems like a lot of work but she made it look easier than Harvard.

And finally, Elle taught us that just because you go to law school it doesn't mean you're ugly, boring, and serious. You could also be super betchy and just going to meet a hot lawyer or junior professor. 


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