Dear Betch, I Was The Victim Of A Three-Way Call Attack

Dear Betch,

So my ex boyfriend broke up with me a day after my birthday about six months ago and then got a new girlfriend apparently two weeks later. I go to college in Chicago and live in a different state and I didn’t get an apartment over the summer in Chicago, so I went home and worked at the job I had shared with my ex. He blocked me on everything even after we decided we would be friends because his girlfriend didn’t want him talking to me. Over the summer, I did not have a lot of in-person friends (because of going to school in Chicago), so I would confide in my work friend.

Basically, I’m over my ex at this point (we were only together for about ten months), but the other day I found that my ex’s girlfriend is actually the work friend I was confiding in the entire summer. And I told her EVERYTHING about how I was feeling (miserable, anxious, depressed), how I was seeing a therapist (about anxiety and depression), why I was doing things I was doing (usually to alleviate my anxiety at work), and all my past (about my ex we worked with). There was even a point where his “girlfriend” texted me (the number was from an app) and harassed me through text at work while I texted my work friend who had left screenshots of the conversation, how I was going to respond, and that I was trying not to cry/throw up at work.

I called her out when I found out about her and my ex, obviously, and she played victim pretty much the entire time. She was saying “imagine how I felt when you were talking about him,” “it’s not my fault,” etc. She even called me in a three-way call with him just so he could be an ass to me so she didn’t have to. I asked her about the texts from the fake number and she said she “didn’t know” who it was from (how could she not? She said she was with him while I was texting her the screenshots, but why wouldn’t you ask who it’s from?). She then sent me a last text saying “hopefully you’ll realize I was there for you the whole time and you’ve been viewing this all wrong.” I do believe she was telling him certain things I was telling her and twisting them so I would be the “Bad Guy,” but there’s no real evidence other than my ex saying “my girlfriend doesn’t want me talking to you.”

Basically, I knew deep down it was her the entire time, but I didn’t want to believe it because I trusted her with so much and I was like oh, she wouldn’t do that to me.

My question for advice is: should I trust her again and try to be friends, just drop her from my life, or should I get revenge on her (I don’t work at the same place anymore, but my parents are both close with the general manager and could probably get her fired)?

Thank you for reading!
Betrayed & Confused

what the actual fuck

Are You Fucking Serious,

What in the actual fuck. Did this really happen, or are you trolling me by sending me the plot of a Young Adult novel? There’s just so much about this I don’t believe, mainly, you really expect me to believe that you never online stalked your ex’s new girlfriend, not one time? And you never had any clue about what she looked like? Yeah, okay.

This whole thing is fucking weird and I have a very hard time believing you are all in college. But to answer your question, just stop talking to this bitch. Given that she was able to basically hide her true identity from you for months (which, how?? Is she a master of disguise? Are you really just that fucking stupid? Are you Stevie Wonder?) I have zero faith in your revenge capabilities.

Congratulations, you (sort of) survived your first three-way calling attack,

The Betches


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