Three Celebs Wore The Same Dress To A Party, Awkward

In what had to be one of the most embarrassing moments of modern times, THREE different celebrities all showed up to the same party in Los Angeles last Thursday all wearing the same dress. The scene was the swanky launch party for clothing company Dôen, and the culprits were Mandy Moore, Minka Kelly, and Nicole Richie. Apparently Mandy and Minka are good friends, but they surprised each other when they showed up wearing the same thing. The dress in question was a really cute Dôen handkerchief dress with lace detailing, and Mandy wore it in black while Minka chose white.

They had a laugh and took a picture together, but then things really got out of hand when Nicole Richie showed up wearing the white version of the dress. There’s no photo evidence that Nicole thought it was funny, as she only took pictures solo.

Nicole is also beautiful and perfect and if you’re reading this we want to be your best friend.

Either way, all three ladies looked great, but they might want to fire their stylists.


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