This Millionaire Baseball Player Lives In His Car

Meet 21-year-old Daniel Norris. He's a hot bro who is a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays organization. He signed a multimillion dollar contract to throw a baseball around.

And he lives in a van. He calls the van Shaggy.

During the offseason, Norris travels around the country and does whatever he wants. He's surfed in the Pacific Ocean, camped in the wilderness, and enjoyed the rugged life of an All-American manly man. And he looks great doing it.

Like, really good.

But his nomadic life has some downfalls. Namely, being mistaken for a homeless man.



Norris has reported for MLB Spring Training, and for now, has parked Shaggy while he goes back to living in normal civilization.

But don't worry, all is well with Daniel Norris. And he'll be back on the road next season.



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