This GIF Will Make Your Monday A Little Less Terrible

People who say “Happy Monday!” at the office fucking suck. Because Mondays fucking suck.

Like, seriously. What kind of asshole wakes up in the morning and says “I'm going to go to work and pretend to be happier than everyone else to completely alienate myself and piss off my coworkers!”

The betches get it, though. There's no shame in pouring a dab of Bailey's into your Starbucks coffee to get through the day. And when your Monday gets tough, and you think you can't possibly go on, take a look at this guy.

Josh Norman, #24, runs down the field to the end zone for the touchdown celebration. He's jumping for joy, trying to act cool and shit with his teammates. But Norman gets exiled like a nun on whore island.

Bro, take it from the experts, you're trying too hard.

Feel free to keep this on repeat.


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