This Dog Is Casually Better Looking Than You

Are you having a good hair day? Did you catch yourself in a reflective surface and think, “Hey, I’m lookin’ pretty fire right now”? Have you been listening to “Feelin’ Myself” on repeat? Great, because I’m about to ruin all that newly acquired self-esteem for you. Check out this dog that’s casually better looking than any of us can ever hope to be.


Doggie beachin ☀️ #SundayFunday #DogBeach

A photo posted by Mya The Pomsky (@myathepomsky) on

This flawless creature’s name is Mya, so she also has a prettier name than yours, unless you happen to be the hit singer from the early 2000s—in which case, hey girl! What have you been up to? Did you ever solve the case of the ex? How did he act, how did he handle that, what did he do when she wanted him back?

Anywho, Mya the dog is a Pomsky, aka a Pomeranian mixed with a Husky, aka why are we even surprised that this dog is beautiful? This is like the dog equivalent of Victoria and David Beckham having a baby. This dog is like, maybe as pretty as Blake Lively. The point is, this dog is really really ridiculously good-looking and I want to be her.


Exhausted from all the running and swimming #WestCoastSunset #WestCoastDogParks #OffLeashBeach

A photo posted by Mya The Pomsky (@myathepomsky) on

Those piercing blue eyes. That shiny, auburn/reddish coat. That stone cold resting betch face. These are levels of excellence to which I can only aspire.

Yep, this dog is legit #goals. As many people are pointing out, this dog also looks like a fox. Does that mean I also want to look like a fox? Should I discuss this with my therapist? TBD. I’ve said way too much.


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