That Thigh Gap Jewelry In Your Newsfeed Is Fake

TGap Jewelry, a concept that was introduced to the world early last week, has proven to be a fake (thank God). The website initially claims to “design accessories specifically for the thigh gap […] and celebrating the thigh gap.” But after a few moments of browsing the fake (but very chic-looking site), the truth is revealed. The entire TGap Jewelry trend is a fabrication created by Singapore-based design student Soo Kyung Bae to spark a conversation about body image and societal pressure.

According to Bae, “Media popularizes body trends that are not attainable for everyone,” with the biggest example being the thigh gap. Because as science has proven again and again, all the time in the world in pilates may not even make the smallest bit of difference when it comes to the one inch space that may or may not exist between your thighs.

Bae’s fakeout was so convincing that many people contacted her about actually wanting to buy the designs, though she has said she will not sell them.

Which is kind of a bummer because while I would never in a million years want jewelry hanging two inches below my vagina, they would make pretty cute necklaces. 


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