They’re Trying to Make Guitar Hero Happen Again

Guitar Hero was the boring party staple of high school and middle school. Anytime a party was super lame, breaking out the Guitar Hero or Rock Band set was a sure fire way to make it that much more intolerable. In the minds of the creators of the game Guitar Hero should still be totally relevant, so they’re trying to make it have a comeback.

The last new Guitar Hero game came out five years ago, and, TBH, I don’t really think people have been itching for its revival. The company who invented the game basically had a “help me I’m poor” moment and wanted to make everyone who used to own Guitar Hero buy it again for the new gaming systems.

The new and improved “Guitar Hero Live” changes the perspective of the players, giving them a first-person view of the other band mates and actor-portrayed audience. The real/fake audience members will still boo you if you fuck up though. And because you need more fake drama in your life, the other actor-portrayed members of your band will get super pissed at you if mess anything up during your fake show.

Instead of pretending like you invented the cords to “Sweet Child of Mine” (Because, let’s be honest, this was everyone’s go-to song on the game) you can pretend like Ed Sheeran or Green Day invited you to be in their band. Playing backup for a ginger is actually my dream come true. I don’t really know how including Green Day in the artist line-up makes these creators think they’ll be more relevant to the new generation of people playing this game but whatever.

If Guitar Hero just doesn't do it for you, the creators of Rock Band also have a new game in the works. Unlike “Guitar Hero Live”, “Rock Band 4” will let you use the songs from the old games in addition to some new ones. No word yet on if they also invented new alcohol to help numb my eardrums to that terrible bonk sound the game makes when you miss a note. UGH.




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