They’re Making A Mean Girls App, But It’s Not Your Group Chat

Trying to bank on the success of the Kim Kardashian game, people are still trying to make fetch happen and create a “Mean Girls” mobile app. Obvi, I love Mean Girls as much as the next poorly adjusted young adult, but like really? The idea behind the game is that players try to be popular at North Shore High School, what like it's hard?

You'll get to choose your outfit, who you talk to, and what you do after school, and all of the classic Mean Girls characters will be featured in the game. So it's more of a social experiment: would you go smoke pot with Janice Ian, watch Aaron's soccer practice, or go to the mall with the plastics? Would you wear jeans with Damien's pink polo shirt or rock it as a shirt dress? Would you tell Aaron his hair looks sexy pushed back?

Much like every other iPhone app ever made, I'll obsess over it until I win and then delete it to make more room for drunken selfies.


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