The One Where Trump Called Other Nations “Shithole Countries”


Trump Called Haiti A ‘Shithole’ Country

Originally published on 1/12/2018 in The Betches Sup newsletter.


If you haven’t already heard, 1) do you not have the internet? how are you getting this newsletter? and 2) President Trump called Haiti and other African nations “shithole countries” in a bipartisan meeting on an immigration deal. So yeah, the President of the United States describes developing nations the same way that I describe my college apartment. Amaze. Trump went on to say that he’d prefer the U.S. seek out more white people immigrants from countries like Norway. Because Norwegians really want to leave their free healthcare and high standard of living to come here. The President is now denying the remarks, but Democrats in the room and several news outlets are confirming that he said it. You choose who to believe there.

The most egregious part of all of this is the president’s racism the fact that this proves my theory that President Trump has clearly never seen Clueless. Doesn’t he know that if we just get into the kitchen and rearrange some things, we could totally party with the Haitians? Read more.

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