There’s Some Scandalous Love Triangles Going In The NFL That You Need To Know About

Poor, Russell Wilson.

The Super Bowl-winning and Seattle Seahawks quarterback seems like a pretty damn good guy. He spends his free time in children's hospitals hanging out with sick kids. He speaks out against domestic violence. He posts bible verses on his Instagram on the reg. And did we mention he's rich?

Despite all of these appealing factors, reportedly Russell's ex-bae cheated on him last year…with his TEAMMATE. Who could cheat on this face?

His ex-wife, Ashton Meem, was his college sweetheart who supposedly got down and dirty with former Seahawks wide receiver, Golden Tate. Well, Russell found out and shit hit the fan. Tate got punched in the face by another Seahawk, Tate then got traded to the Detroit Lions, Russell cut that bitch off and got a divorce, and tried to pick his life back up and rebuild the pieces while crying over a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Poor Russy.

So you would think after that traumatizing experience for Russell, he would be the most faithful and genuine boyriend ever, right? Or maybe he wanted to just fuck someone up.

Because Golden Tate's new teammate, Lions tight end Joe Fauria, tweeted this shit out the other night.

The woman mentioned, Erika Ann Hammond, is Fauria's girlfriend of about a year. It would appear from the tweet that Russell is trying to make her his bae, too. Or already has.

Joe later sent out a tweet apologizing, but the damage is done. Is Russell a cheater, too? Will the truth ever come out? Will Russell ever find love again?

Stay tuned for the next episode of Football Pros and Philandering Hoes.


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