You’re Always Cold Because Men Are The Worst

If you took a shot for every time you said “I'm cold” each day, you'd probs be blackout by lunch. Well, it turns out that office temperatures are purposefully kept at an Arctic blast because men are assholes. Apparently, back in the 1960s men wore wool suits all the time, think Don Draper on Mad Men. Well back then, when most working people were men they created an equation to determine the perfect temperature for offices. They used a 40 year old man weighing 154 pounds, aka not a betch working in communications or marketing.


Some scientists did a study and found that women's bodies produce less heat than men's do, so we need the office temperature to be warmer for us to be comfortable. But, almost every office still uses the equation from back in the 1960s, because we can take photos of Pluto but we can't adjust the air conditioning. So instead of wearing a fugly cardigan over your work outfit or suffering through 10 weeks of nipple-itus, tell those assholes to turn up the heat.


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