There’s a Drug To Get Rid of Double Chins

The FDA just approved this drug, Kybella, that makes people's double chins go away – that is the definition of a medical miracle. There is nothing sadder then when a girl gains weight, it all goes to her face, and she looks like she's 14 again, except when a girl gains weight and it all goes to her stomach.

Well now girls who eat their feelings can get Kybella injected into their double chin and it'll go away, like magic. Basically, they inject your fat with more fat that kills all of your face fat. Kind of like noninvasive liposuction. Sure it can totally fuck up your face if you use it too much, as in permanent nerve damage.

As of right now, Kybella doesn't officially work for any other areas of fat on your body, like our thighs. But maybe one day, instead of dieting, we can just shoot ourselves up with homicidal fat.


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