There Was A Stripper Act on Britain’s Got Talent and It Was Actually Not Horrible


There are still a shit ton of people watching these talent/singing shows, which is probably good because without them we would miss out on the talent that is Forbidden Nights.

Okay, I’m already dying at that name alone because it’s a group of five male strippers and Forbidden Nights is the perfect name for such a group.

The group claims they’re a classy mix between Magic Mike and Cirque De Soleil, but what does that even mean?

Anyway, the dudes of Forbidden Nights totally pranked the BGT judges when they sent one member on stage to start a song, and then proceed to have some “technical difficulties” with his mic. The joke was actually pretty well-played.

Then the real magic begins as one guy sings Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby” which is a super old song, but whatever. Then the group takes their clothes off in what can only be described as a tasteful, family-friendly strip sesh.  I’m still not mad about it though because they all have what I consider to be the opposite of dad bod going on and their faces aren’t totally busted.

I'm going to passively keep cheering for these guys to win on this show I don't watch. I love it. Two for you Forbidden Nights, you go Forbidden Nights.


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