There Was A Mini Gossip Girl Reunion At The Oscars

There was a half-cup Gossip Girl reunion at the Oscars, but Chuck and Blair weren't there so it wasn't that important. Lily, Nate, Georgina, and Vanessa took a bizarrely filtered pic together. It's like a combination of Sutro and Inkwell. It's been almost 2 years since the Gossip Girl finale, but I still fucking hate Vanessa – like go back to wearing your terribly mismatched prints and chunky bracelets and GTFO. Georgina and Lily were as flawlessly evil as ever. Nate's growing some pretty horrific facial hair, but it's Nate “I still love you” Archibald, so it's fine. Side bar: How come Nate and Lily never hooked up?



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