This Jacket Is The New #TheDress, Ugh

It’s been a year since the world’s ugliest effing dress we’ve ever seen took over the internet, but you idiots just couldn’t get enough, could you? Enter, “The Jacket”—some nauseating version of a track suit that no one should be caught dead touching, let alone discussing in public. Then again, this is the internet so anything goes. 

I know there’s no way nobody forgot about it but I’m going to provide a quick refresher anyway. Last year around this time, the internet collectively lost its shit over this dress that was either blue and black or white and gold, depending on who you asked. Now, “The Jacket” has come to reignite this debate, which literally nobody asked for or wanted to go through again. Great.

It all started when someone on Tumblr (because of course this started on Tumblr) uploaded the picture of the offending jacket, and the rest, as they say, is bullshit viral news history.

Apparently this time around, there’s four options for us to lose our minds over: blue and white, black and brown, green and gold, and green and brown. I’m undecided between “green and gold” and the undisclosed 5th option, which is “I don’t fucking care.” Decide for yourself. 


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