The Top 10 Reasons Why Ja’mie King is the Best Betch of All Time

American betches were introduced to Ja'mie King back in 2007 and ever since we've been fucking obsessed. It was like someone had placed our eleventh grade souls into the body of a middle aged Australian man with a wig and lipstick and made him even less appropriate. Well now Ja'mie is back and betchier than ever, and betches across the globe can rejoice that the most quiche Hillford private school girl has returned to give nice girls lessons on how to be a betch. Here are the top 10 reasons why Ja'mie King is the betchiest icon since Regina George

1. She knows how to unlock the power of #101 makeup.


2. She gets that #122 being inappropriate is totally NBD. 


3. #197 Overreacting is totally chill and an important tool for getting what you want. 


4. She's nailed the art of fighting like a betch.


5. She knows how important it is to give back to #171 philanthropy events


6. #130 Driving like a fucking idiot is a favorite pastime of hers. 


7. She understands the benefits having a hot #117 TAB in your bestie group. 


8. She's fully aware of the power of a good #5 diet


9. She #162 hates public transportation and has full awareness of it's dangers. 


10. And most importantly, #1 talking shit is like a second language to her.


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