The Pros and Cons of Pregaming Your Workout

Traditionally, working out under the influence may have been somewhat frowned upon. Why would you want to get a good buzz going just to have it killed the minute you walk into spin class? How could you survive a circuit training class without being stone cold sober? These are valid questions, but they are asked by people who have never tried the pre-gaming method. As crazy as mixing alcohol and exercise may sound, you might find that it’s exactly what you need to amp up your work outs. As paleo-obsessed people and lesbians continually remind us: don’t knock it 'til you’ve tried it. Here you can find a simplified list of the pros and cons of pre-gaming your workout.


It calms your nerves. Some of us really suffer from exercise anxiety. Knowing that we’ll have to hold a plank for three minutes while an anorexic barre instructor glares in our direction is a lot to take in. Having a drink or two before will help you clear your mind of these pre-work out jitters.

It pushes you further. This is particularly helpful during weights-based classes. You’ll be quick to realize that you have never had better form or chest-pressed more weight than after downing a Kombucha/Tequila cocktail


It gives you a new outlook. You’re probably starting to get bored during your workouts because, well, you are like really fucking fit. Why not spice it up a little bit with some champagne before hitting the gym? The music will have a whole new sound and the bubbly will be sure to put some extra pep in your step.


Calories. Watch yourself, big girl.

False confidence. While we all need some liquid courage to get us through tough situations (isometrics included), there is such thing as too much of a good thing. One vodka shot too many can lead you to experiment and push your body to new limits. Who says you can’t do the splits? How hard can the one-handed tree pose be? Once your alcohol-induced confidence wears off, you’ll become quickly aware of your torn muscles and have flashbacks of crashing into the meditating grandma next to you at yoga.

Overdoing it. It’s tricky to find the right amount of alcohol to consume before exercising. It’s easy to keep pouring and get straight up wasted on your way to Pilates. The first five minutes of class will be fantastic, but you will peak very early and the rest of the work out will involve vomiting, passing out, possible death, etc.

The best way to jump on this trend is to do it by accident. Stopping by happy hour on the way to the gym or forgetting you booked a class until you’ve finished your second glass of wine are great places to start. Once you see the benefits, you can start to plan accordingly. After all, your heart, lungs and muscles are all getting a work out…why not include your liver?


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