The Other Kennedys Is The Web Series You Didn’t Know You Needed

Comedians James Coker and Marshall Stratton created a web-series about two outcast Kennedys and it’s a gem you shouldn’t miss. Trust me, you’ll thank us once you see them.  Each episode is about a minute long, like a little jello shot of East coast elite goodness and a perfect length for our ADD.

These guys play up the fancy world to a tee, from their carefully matched outfits to the tennis courts and seaside view. Titled The Other Kennedys, the boys are supposedly distant relatives of the Kennedys.  They casually name drop their famous relatives, however, they are unabashed about the fact that they never speak to and are generally not considered part of the family.  For example, while playing golf, Marshall (the one that looks like JFK) says to James, “Uncle Bobby used to tee it up like this when he played in Newport,” to which James asks “How do you know that?” and Marshall replies “I saw it in a documentary.”  Moments like this make up the series and we’re into it.  We’re also into their very awkward bromance, and we imagine this is what The Great Gatsby would have been like if it had been a comedy and if Daisy didn’t exist.

If you’ve ever used a fake name to get into a club underage, you’ll know that the Kennedy name still grabs people’s attention.  It got our attention and we weren’t disappointed.

The series is very fun in how simple the episodes are, but tbh we just love how clean everything looks in that house they live in.  Best episodes to watch are Tennis, Golf, and Running




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