The Only Father’s Day Gift Guide You’ll Ever Need

Father's Day is this weekend and according to our calculations there is a 100% chance you didn't get your dad anything yet. Well you can put your anxiety attack on pause because we have come up with like, the best gift guide for every type of dad. 

For the Dad Who Fucking Loves Grilling


For the Dad who Fucking Loves Grilling So Much He Will Grill his initials into his steak


For the Gay Quirky but Fancy Dad


For the Golf Fanatic 


For the Fitspo Dad


For the Phil Dunphy


For the Dad who loves his Gadgets 


For the dad who likes to kick it


For the Dad who needs headphones large enough to tune his kids and wife out


For the traveling and slightly pretentious Dad


If all else fails, email him this card: 


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