The Official Mean Girls Drinking Game

We’ve all seen Mean Girls like 95 times by now, and we obviously love it more than anything. That being said, sometimes it’s nice to spice up your viewing experience with something new, which is why we created this foolproof Mean Girls drinking game. The game can be played anytime, but bonus points if you do it on October 3rd. Follow our rules, and you’ll be sloshed enough to make out with your cousins. But like, your first cousins.

Drink When: 

  • “Caddy”
  •  You think about Lindsay Lohan’s life and get sad
  •  The dog chews on Amy Poehler’s fake tits
  •  You see any fugly 2004 fashion trend and want to vom
  •  One drink for each Candy Cane Gram received by Glenn Coco (4, duh)
  • Any time Shane Omen is named
  • The Burn Book is mentioned
  • 3-way call attack is used

Chug When: 

  • “It’s October 3rd.”
  • “You love Ladysmith Black Mambazo!”
  • “This is all that fits me right now.”

Specialty Rules: 

  • Whoever knows the most “Jingle Bell Rock” choreo gets to give a shot to someone else
  • Vote as a group who would have been a mathlete. She has to take a shot.
  • Everyone take a shot for “The limit does not exist.” The limit to your drunkenness does not exist.

the limit does not exist

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons 


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