The New York Times’ Lawyer Just Publicly Dragged Donald Trump

In case you haven’t heard, approximately seven million women have accused Donald Trump this week of sexually harassing or assaulting them in the past, and the New York Times helped open the floodgates. They published a story with two women’s stories, and of course Donald wasn’t thrilled. His lawyer publicly threatened to sue them for libel and demanded that they take down the story and apologize.

Nice try.

In a particularly savage move, the Times published an open letter from their lawyer to Trump’s lawyer, basically explaining what libel actually means and clarifying that, no, they’re not going to fucking apologize.

The big issue is that libel is trying to damage someone’s reputation, and the NYT lawyer points out that Donald Trump already has a reputation as a gross pig who is inappropriate with women.

In the last line of the letter, the New York Times basically invites Donald Trump to sue them and have the court straighten it out, which tbh would be very entertaining. 



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