The Most Entertaining Conversations on Happn

By now you should already be familiar with Happn, the app that lets you chat with people you've crossed paths with IRL. Dw, this isn't another article telling you how great Happn is and why you should download it like, yesterday (tho you really should, seriously what have you been doing with your life?). This time, we're going to look at Happn in action. Real people screenshotted their best Happn conversations, and unlike those “I responded to messages only using rap lyrics” articles, these are a) actually funny and b) real. Here are 10 hilarious Happn interactions to brighten your Monday a little, sprinkled with some of my incredibly witty and thought-provoking commentary because I know that's what you all came here for. Download Happn and you too can be part of this ridiculousness.

1. Kind of a cheesy pickup line, but I guess it paid off because clearly both parties were ready to go. Respect.

2. Well, okay then. No shame to be found here, but plenty of thirst. Looks like long-lasting, meaningful relationships are being formed.

3. “Okay, which one of you taught Mom how to download apps?”

4. Okay, I got The Devil Wears Prada, but what were the other ones? Was the last one Supersize Me?

5. Proof karma does exist, and she has a sense of humor. Aaaawkwaaaard!

6. Drunk Happning is the best way to Happn. 12 pints seems like a lot though. I'm guessing this user is European?

7. Lol, seen that before.

8. Not sure if the best cop of all time, or the worst? Or maybe just one of the cops from Superbad? Bill Hader, is that you?

9. OK obv the correct choice is Eric since he's the hottest Disney prince. Also who even knew the prince from Sleeping Beauty had an actual name? I thought he was just Prince Charming? Shows how much I know Disney.

10. Ahahaha I'm saving that burn and using it later. Claps, betch.

Download Happn now so you can have your own witty back-and-forth with miscellaneous hot bros.


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