Lauren Conrad Isn’t Too Good For ‘The Hills’ Reunion After All

For years, we’ve all fantasized about MTV putting together a reunion of The Hills, because let’s be honest, there were lots of loose ends. Obviously Lauren Conrad is better than all those losers she was hanging out with, but is Heidi still a plastic surgery-crazed freak? Is Whitney still a designer, or was that ever real? Has Audrina become a porn star yet? Was any of it fucking real?

Lauren Conrad Um

Well, our prayers have been (sort of) answered. In honor of The Hills’ 10th anniversary, MTV is airing a special that will supposedly answer a lot of our questions about the show, and fill us in on drama we never got to see. The most important thing we know is that Lauren will be back, in all her betchy glory. It’s unclear whether she’ll reunite with any of the other cast members, because honestly they’re probably not her biggest fans now that she has a like, a flawless life.

Lauren Conrad Shrug

The name of the special is The Hills: That Was Then, This is Now, which seems appropriately vague and dramatic at the same time. We hope we get to see the rest of the crew, because we’d really like to know where everyone is and if any of them have real jobs. Get to work on this MTV, because we’ll be severely disappointed if all we get to see is Lauren talking about how everyone was jealous of her (but she can’t help it that she’s so popular). The special airs next Sunday at 4pm, because we all know 4pm is the most coveted timeslot on television.

Lauren Conrad Huh


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