The Government Shutdown Explained By Clueless

So the government is refusing to go to work. WHY?!?

Every year the government has to pass a budget by a certain deadline to continue existing

The deadline was last night at midnight

This year some Republicans in the House refused to pass a budget unless we get rid of or delay Obamacare

Obama and the Democrats say they won't be held hostage by Republicans trying to get what they want

Because everyone including Congress and the Supreme Court already upheld Obamacare

The Democrats are accusing the Republicans of acting like babies

So at midnight they still couldn't agree and let the government shut down

But why does this matter to me!?

This means you can't go to national parks, government employees won't get paid (not that we know any), and basically nothing else that's relevant to you unless you're in the military

The government will come back when they pass a budget

It might take a while (or not)

CNN has a funny countdown clock like it's New Years


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