The Donald Sterling Debacle Explained By Cruel Intentions

So we know betches generally don’t give a shit about sports. However, recently everyone and their mother has been talking about this fiasco with Donald Sterling and some racist comments he made to his girlfriend. We’re here to break down what’s happening for you with the help of one of the greatest movies of all time, Cruel Intentions

So Donald Sterling owns this basketball team the LA Clippers for kind of a while now.

Everyone always knew he was a racist but no one ever did anything about it.

But now there’s this impossible-to-ignore scandal over his racism.

So he has this assistant girlfriend named V Stiviano. Yes she really goes by V. Eye roll.

She is fond of wearing visors.

She claims he asked her to record everything he said bc he was losing his memory.

So he ended up being recorded saying some whack racist comments to her.

He asked her not to bring black people to his basketball games and not to take Instagrams with Magic Johnson.

Somebody (cough V) leaked the recordings to TMZ.

Everyone went crazy bc of Sterling’s comments.

The commissioner of the NBA banned him from games for life.

He still owns the team though he is being pressured to sell it.

He doesn’t want to sell it and his wife (oh yes we should’ve mentioned, he has one) is insisting on keeping her piece of the team.

She also says he is suffering from dementia.

He doesn’t want to sell bc he claims he was set up, he’s not a racist, and he loves the NBA.



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