Melissa McCarthy’s New Movie is Basically Troop Beverly Hills on Crack

Most of us have loved Melissa McCarthy since she was the sassy chef, Sookie, on Gilmore Girls. She has pretty much continued to make us laugh since in movies like Bridesmaids. Still she’s produced some stinkers in the box office; I’m looking at you Identity Thief.

She’ll be in the female-centered remake of Ghostbusters that comes out in July, but before that, you can catch her in The Boss.

The trailer for The Boss came out last week and it basically looks like what you’d get if you remade betch classic and Kardashian family favorite Troop Beverly Hills, but instead of a ginger Shelly Long as the lead, you have Melissa McCarthy doing her best Martha Stewart impression.

Kristen Bell plays McCarthy’s nice girl assistant who takes her in after a stint in prison for insider trading. Sound familiar? Then a brownie-selling turf war ensues.

The quality of this movie is TBD in April of 2016, but I definitely lol’d at some moments in the trailer so it’s probz worth your consideration.


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