The Betchiest Moments of Pride Weekend

This past weekend, betches and their Gay BFFs took to the streets of pretty much every major city to celebrate Pride Weekend. The Damiens of the world proved that they know how to throw a party and the betches decked out in rainbow colored tutus to show their appreciation. But obvi, when there is that many fabulous people in one place, some beautiful, betchy things are bound to take place.

Demi Lovato filmed a music video

Demi Lovato, the Disney star who now has purple hair, filmed her new music video for “Really Don’t Care” (a betchy, kinda catchy song with the rap/singer? British girl Cher Lloyd) at LA Gay Pride. Demz featured hot gay celebs including Perez Hilton and a bunch of drag queens, who had great legs, in the video. And then she played it like all over the parade. “Oh my god, Demi Lovato, I love your work!”

The Outfits

Pride would not be remotely the same if it wasn’t for the gold speedos, the feather eye lashes and the glitter. Sometimes to celebrate equality, you have to wear a bright pink wig. That’s just like, the rules of feminism.

Orange is the New Black Cast had a float

The betchiest show on Netflix rolled deep with a giant ass float in the middle of the Pride Parade in New York City. It was fucking awesome and that’s all I have to say about that.

The Haters were in Full Force

Part of being a perfect person is having haters. I’m like 100% positive someone really famous said that. You can’t be fabulous and not have haters. I mean, even Regina George was in the burn book (how she got there is irrelevant), proving that the best people are often hated on. That weird jesus-freak group that goes around the world (and to random Brad Paisley concerts) to preach about how “God hates you” was there, of course. But pride participants were so over their bullshit, and raged on. Bye Felicia.

Boy Scouts led the Gay Pride Parade in NYC

Even though I spent most of my history classes looking at myself through the reflection from my phone, even I know this is historical. Boy Scouts have finally gotten rid of all those rules and allowed openly gay people to wear hoop earrings and sit with them.


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