The Betchiest Lines from The OC: Throwback Thursday

So we already did a TBT on The OC but that show is just too good for only one article so we've taken the liberty of compiling the betchiest quotes and GIFs to get you through Friday's more sober cousin Thursday. R.I.P Marissa Cooper. Way to die off and ruin the betchiest show on television.

Kristen was always ruining everyone's fun and calling people out: 

Kirsten Cohen: No, what was uncalled for was your $500 a day coke habit in college.

Taryn Baker: It was just sophomore year!! 

I'm not sure if you can blame her though since her son was always hanging out with the best influences: 

God, Summer. How stupid of you to even ask.

She did have a mean side though…

“Aren’t you like the bus boy? Ew!” – Summer Roberts

If there's anyone who knew how to ace an interview, it was Summer…

“Kidding! I’m not that dumb, just shallow.” – Summer Roberts

Growing up a rich kid in SoCal, Seth was bound to be a little betchy.


There’s nothing like the Julie Cooper approach to conflict resolution.

“The Siegfrieds donated a pool and a field house last year and their son only smoked pot. Our daughter shot someone! We have to at least give them a hundred grand.” – Julie Cooper

But really, there was no scarier/betchier mom than Julie Cooper Nichol.

“It’s just not right for a girl to love a hairless pony.” – Julie Cooper

Remember that time she had an affair with Luke, her DAUGHTER'S ex-boyfriend?

She was basically Blair Waldorf if she grew up and moved to the West Coast.

Let's not forget about the rest of the psychopaths they cast for this show. 


Whatever, Marissa. Fuck you.


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