The Best Bachelorette Recap Andi Week 1, Page 2


Eric, deceased world traveler. Actually pretty hot this is sad. Aww he’s so cute with his figurines I’m upset we know he doesn’t make it to the end.

Josh M. from Atlanta. Super excited to be here “I live in Atlanta and so do you so like, stalk you later.

Andi: Josh M is my type. I could do some sushi.

The longhaired guys remind me of Mr. Holland’s deaf son from Mr. Holland’s opus.

“I’m getting pants, I’m getting cookies. I’m getting golf lessons.” So like basically you're at a bar mitzvah?

The most romantic thing Tasos can think to say is that he wants some iced juice from Andi?

Patrick and Andrew are ‘on a different level than some of the other guys.’ How many glasses of wine till they fuck in the closet?

Omg this fake/staged showing up of Chris B. from Emily’s season is so ridiculous. I can’t believe this guy is willing to be the Casey B of Andi’s season. Is he bulimic, too? I love how production has to pretend to be surprised.

Chris B.: I’ve been out here for 7 days. On my own.

You’re like 35 Chris, not 7. It’s not that crazy that you were in Los Angeles on your own. Chris just has nothing better to do than be on the Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, now Bachelorette again? I guess he just misses the house. In his defense it does look like it has a nice pool.

Andi looks like she’s going around wearing assorted men’s sport jackets. I guess that’s heaven for some people.

The first rose goes to the Pantstapaneur. This is going to be an awful season.

Do they make all the rejects walk out alone so they can make fun of them?

Josh B. is the crazy angry guy ranting to the film crew about how stupid this is and how embarrassed he is. “I only came on the show because my friend thought it would be a good idea. And what am I going to do now? Call my parents tomorrow morning and tell them I got kicked off?!” Chill out, you’re acting like you’re Hitler and you just lost the war. If you weren’t embarrassed before you definitely will be now!

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