The Best and Worst of Coachella Street Style

So Coachella happened this weekend. With it came a million fashion victories and mistakes and we’re here to judge them all. Sure, most of you have seen a shot of Kendall and Kylie or Gigi Hadid, but a lot more outfits happened that you should be aware of. PSA: If you go to a music festival in underwear and a flower crown, someone’s going to comment. And that someone is me.

We’ll show you some of the outfits captured at Coachella and make snap judgements about the carefully planned, purchased and executed looks of many, just because.

This probably shouldn’t have happened. Just in general, this ensemble is asking for a camel toe and it seems a bit questionable to put that much denim on one body.

This girl is basically wearing a cape skirt but it kind of works.

This outfit makes me feel things I do not want to feel.

This is Coachella in an outfit. Pretty typical.

Calm down.

Even though Alexa Chung is dressed like a curtain / piece of toilet paper, she makes it work with the smoldering look and the I’m skinnier than you ankles. Bravo Chung.

I would love to unsee this.

The most offensive part of this has to be the sock choice, closely followed by everything else.

In general, trying to pass a bra off as a ‘top’ is a stretch. Yes, there is maybe half an inch of extra fabric hanging off of that glorified undergarment but throwing a crocheted vest over it doesn’t change what it is, which is underwear.

Coachella could also be titled – experiments with ill proportioned clothing. What about this makes sense? Someone tell me.

I am all about experimenting with fashion and dressing how you want, but I am not above commenting on other people's aesthetic mistakes. Can't wait for Bonnaroo!


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