The Best and Worst Dressed of SAG 2013

OMG Love Your Dress Where'd You Get It?

“I'm a mouse super gorg and skinny actress, duh. ” – Amanda Seyfried

Naomi Watts looked so gorgeous, but she would have looked even better if she had her makeup done like in The Impossible.

Nina Dobrev, so hot right now, Nina Dobrev. Sidenote: Dobrev autocorrects to doorbell.

We'll take the ginger for 300.

Jennifer Garner comes dressed as an Oscar to the SAGs because she will never win either. No offense but it's true.


That Is the Ugliest Effing Dress I've Ever Seen


Okay Julianne Moore, where'd you get this dress? Kids “R” Us, the sales rack? 

When I saw this dress (left) I was like (right):

Was this bitch serious? Good Wife, Bad Table Cloth. 

When I saw this I let out a big OOF. Like, you're pregnant and that's cool and all, but the dress had its own stretch marks.

Ariel Winter's crazy mom's last attempt at revenge was to hire Hollywood's worst stylist.

Oh that's where my grandmother left her handkerchief:

Right before the SAGs Jane Lynch was hanging out with the guy who raped Marsellus Wallace… apparently she didn't have time to change.



Anne Hathaway aka gigantor walking down the red carpet with her husband or the guy from The Sessions.

Abu Nazir is guilty of terrorism and putting a stapler in jello.

Jennifer Lawrence: Omg my dress is ripping I can't walk that fast!
Meryl at home: By all means move at a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me.


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