The Backstreet Boys Want Donald Trump To Stop Playing Their Music

Like a large majority of the GOP, The Backstreet Boys have distanced themselves from Donald Trump. Let me say that again. The Backstreet Boys—a group of adult men who are still using the term “Boys” to identify themselves and who once sang the lyric “Am I sexual?”—do NOT want to be associated with the man that could possibly lead our country. Welcome to muthafuckin’ America.

Basically, after Donald Trump played their song “I Want It That Way” (weak fucking choice Donald*, should’ve gone with “Shape of My Heart”) in Florida, BSB were like “Uhmmmmmmmmmmm….no?” So they went ahead and issued a statement. “[The Backstreet Boys] did not approve this and we are not associated with the Trump campaign,” Steven Trachtenbroit, the group’s publicist, told The Daily Beast.

*Yes, Donald does take time out of his busy “Pussy Grabbing” schedule to curate the music for his rallies. It’s called dedication. Google it. 

Look out for BSB’s next hit singles: “Quit Playing Games With Our Foreign Policies” and “I’ll Never Break Your Heart. Unless You’re A Woman. Then I Will Break Your Heart. But First I Will Try To Put The Moves On You.” 


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