That’s What She Said: Betches Edition

In honor of the Digital HD release of The Other Woman, a movie that features the hilarious leading ladies Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, FOX reached out to us to share some of our betchy friendship and dating knowledge for the film’s advice microsite (check out the full site at the bottom of the post). With a chance to “advice battle” (like a rap battle but less aggressive?) with Queen Betches like Nicki Minaj, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton, we obliged…


Here are our faves we submitted:

1. Having sex with you is a prize for which guys should work. If you’re giving away the music for free, no one’s going to buy the album. It happened with Napster, it will happen to you.

2. The truth is, there is literally no reason why a dude should text you a picture of his dick unless the text right before it reads, “I would like you to send me a picture of your dick.”

3. If you and your BFF don't have a customized list of abbreviations and nicknames for guys, it probably means you guys haven't been hanging out enough and should rekindle your bestie flame.

4. It's not guaranteed that a BFF will hold your hair back while you're vomming. That's what a hair tie is for. But you can bet she'll make sure no other girl talks to your guy while you're puking.

What’d we miss? How do we stack up against Nicki, Upton, and Diaz?



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