The Ideal Thanksgiving Outfit To Hide Your Food Baby

Ugh, Thanksgiving can’t come fast enough, because I need real food in my life as soon as possible—the pre-bagged salads and pasta I’ve been “cooking” at home just aren’t cutting it anymore. I am beyond ready to stuff my face with loaded mashed potatoes and be the only one inappropriately drunk off wine at the family table. Sorry, but calories don’t count on Thanksgiving, and if you’re seriously going to count, you can go shave your back now GTFO and enjoy eating carrots alone in a corner. While this holiday is loved by most, it’s also dreaded among some. Probably because it fucks up your diet, but mostly because nothing sounds fun about discussing your future love life or the future of our country with family members you haven’t seen in months and whose names you don’t even remember. I get it. However, at the end of the day, the least you can do is fake it ‘til you make it by looking like the classy, well put-together woman you aren’t are. Whether you’re trying to make a good impression for your boyfriend’s parents, your grandma, or long-lost best friends, here’s exactly what to wear so you look incredibly stylish and skinny, but also comfortable while drunk-eating pie.

1. Brochu Walker Bree Wrap Sweater

This super comfy oversized sweater features wide panels and a tied waist to hide a very likely muffin top that may occur after like, three helpings of stuffing. It has a relaxed fit and gives the right amount of casual style without making you look like a drunk slob-kabob. For a looser daytime look, pair with boyfriend jeans, or dress up the look with business ~profesh~ trousers and kitten heel booties.

Brochu Walker Bree Wrap Sweater

2. Cupcakes And Cashmere Farida Jumpsuit

Obviously, a simple jumpsuit is the best staple your closet could contain. With one big piece of material, you can really do so much with it. Amazing. This classy style comes with an elasticized waist, which is def a must-have for Thanksgiving dinner, so you can eat all you want without fear of letting it show. The wine shade is perfect for the time of year and flattering on just about everyone. Layer the folded neckline with a statement necklace if you’re feelin’ extra.

Cupcakes And Cashmere Farida Jumpsuit

3. Free People Catch A Glimpse Top

This cozy knit statement top is ideal for dressing up in chilly temps with its cold shoulder and emphasized sleeves. The clean style features a loose hemline that makes it look trendy and polished when you tuck it into a full skirt or your go-to culottes. You’ll look fashionable and thin, even after four pieces of cornbread. I promise. Add a pop of color to the crisp white with a fashion scarf or long necklace.

Free People Catch A Glimpse Top

4. 1.STATE Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt

I’m obsessed with this skirt in so many ways, it’s dangerous for my bank account. This flirty, fun, flattering skirt comes in a metallic blush/silver that seriously looks like a darker version of the millennial pink trend, which is totes ideal for the cooler months. The flat waistline allows you to slightly tuck in the perfect blouse and fold over to hide the extra three pounds you may gain just from looking at the dinner table.

1.STATE Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt

5. Halogen Cade Bootie

Heels and eating your weight in food never belong together. This year, opt for a classic block heel with little to no height, so you’re comfortable all day long. The all-suede and solid color pairing make for the perf neutral shoe to throw with whatever outfit you decide and give it the right amount of elevation. And like, it’s fall, so you can NEVER have enough booties.

Halogen Cade Bootie



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