Teresa Giudice Owes A Shitload In Back Taxes

Everybody knows that getting your life back after leaving prison is hard, but Teresa and Joe Giudice are having a little different problem than an ex-drug dealer trying to hold down a part time job at a gas station.

According to the state of New Jersey, Teresa and Joe haven’t done an awesome job of paying their taxes. Two months after getting out of prison, Teresa was told she owes $23,365 in back taxes, and now Joe apparently owes $238,269. Joe started his prison sentence in March, so Teresa will probably have to sit through all the legal meetings by herself on this one, which is literally our worst nightmare.

Their lawyer says they’ve worked out a payment plan to get all the money to the state, but Teresa should probably be a little more careful next time Tax Day rolls around. This shit isn’t cute, and the last thing we need is her missing another season of RHONJ because she got thrown in jail for tax evasion.


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