Tell Us Your Sorority Secrets For A Chance To Be Featured On Our App

We’ll just cut to the chase: We want to hear your sorority confessions. Did your social chair send out a deranged email? Did you have sex with a mediocre DJ, or know someone who does who you want to get revenge on by publicly humiliating? If you’re NOT a psycho who slanders people on the internet for petty revenge, send us your juicy sorority secrets for a chance for your batshit crazy tale to be featured in our app. Yeah, yeah, you pledged an oath and did some rituals and are sworn to secrecy and shit, so we’re keeping everything totally anonymous (duh). Send us your confessions to with the subject line “Sorority Secrets” and who knows, you may become slightly internet famous. 

And to all of you who out there who don’t want to break the bonds of sisterhood, we say:


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