Teen Suspended For Dressing Up As A Bomb For His Promposal

Prom season revives the memory of the taste of watermelon Smirnoff Ices and flavored vodka shots for me, but for one Washington State teen, all he’ll remember is the taste of disappointment.

Ibrahim Ahmad didn’t get to go to his prom on Saturday because last week he decided to ask his date while wearing a fake bomb strapped to his body. Oh, he also had a poster that said “I kno it’s a little late, but I’m kinda THE BOMB! Rilea, will U be my date to Prom?”.

Ahmad says his teachers saw him putting the whole thing together and were totally ok with the situation. But his principal, who saw the promposal go down, has obviously been watching the news and was like, um, yeah, should probs not ask a girl to prom this way, especially at school. So she suspended the kid.

Even if you’ve been doing your share of not keeping up with the news you still probably know that terrorism is a super-hot button issue and some people are really not up for joking about it right now.

Randos in the community of La Center High School were interviewed a shit ton by the local news and most of them were like, sure, let the kid go to prom. The district’s Superintendent did not agree with said randos and thought the principal did the right thing. He also said the promposal disrupted the learning environment.

Terror threat aside, there were probably a thousand other annoying promposals all month so the argument that this one was too much of a distraction doesn’t really hold much weight with me. Also, I don’t really know what spring semester high school seniors are even supposed to be learning at this point in the year but my guess is not much.

Anyway, Ibrahim and Rilea probably got the last laugh because they got a ton of national attention and still went on a date without the pomp and circumstance of prom.  But, word to the wise, if you’re going to use a threat to national security as a joke, maybe don't do it at a public school.




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