Ted Cruz’s Daughters Want To Join Taylor Swift’s Squad

So Ted Cruz is taking time off from his busy career as the Zodiac Killer and his run for President to do an interview with CNN with his family. Just as a background, Ted was supposed to be his wife’s trophy husband, but decided that instead of squash and golf, he would pursue politics. They have two daughters, Caroline and Catherine, who are 8 and 5 years old, so not quite old enough to bitch out their dad for being creepy af.

Anyway, the girls were asked who their first guest at the White House would be, and like every girl under the age of 16, they responded with Taylor Swift. I don’t want to speak for Taylor, but I’m pretty sure she would rather get back together with Jack Gyllenhaal than perform for President Ted Cruz. The only thing bigger than Taylor Swift’s ego is Ted Cruz’s misogyny.

Caroline is already a major betch-in-training. She quickly corrected her father on CNN for suggesting that she and her little sister sing Taylor Swift songs together on their karaoke machines. Not only are they preparing for drunk karaoke, but Caroline is ready to go solo. Best of luck to the girls, maybe Taylor Swift can adopt them. 


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