Razrs: Throwback Thursday

Every Betch remembers the moment she received her first cell phone. After all, it's nothing short of one of our most defining moments. Anywhere from the ages of 9 to 12 a Betch was bestowed with a cellphone, the turning point that separated the strong (us) from the weak (Nice Girls). LOL that our parents convinced themselves we needed them for emergencies, when clearly we just needed to upgrade from passing gel penned notes to talking shit electronically.

It goes without saying that any young Betch worth her weight in distressed denim mini skirts had a pink Razr. When it came to choosing her first cell phone, there were three avenues a Betch could choose in this pivotal moment: hot pink Razr, baby pink Razr, or a life of Tankinis and frizzy hair. Upon receiving the Razr, step one: adding all of your best friends' numbers (which you knew by heart anyway) and step two: sprinting to Claire's so you could cover the entire thing in fugly silver rhinestones. Hindsight about the rhinestones is 20/20.

Who doesn't remember trying to silence her 3 pound Juicy Couture charm bracelet in order to not get caught texting under her desk? A Betch would spend five minutes trying to write a text under her desk using T9 word, only to look down and see that she had accidentally typed “apostrophe” instead of “Abercrombie”–the bane of our young existences. T9  word was pretty much the fucking worst when it came to convenience and discreetness in the classroom. Today's middle school Betches with their iPhones truly don't know how good they have it.

Some of life's simplest pleasures existed in the early 2000s: the perfect MySpace song, a passive aggressive away message, a new episode of The Simple Life, Dance Dance Revolution burning off all the calories that don't exist yet and of course, a sparkly pink Razr. While we certainly weren't sad to see them go, we'll always keep our first Razrs near our icy hearts.

So thanks Razrs, we couldn't have become cripplingly dependent on technology without you.


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